Australian Brand Alindee Essential Oil Sanitizer

Alindee Brand Hand Sanitizer is produced in Australia by a well known, highly reliable, established  Sanitizer Company.  Made with purifying and hydrating elements, these products are made in Australia from 70% alcohol ensuring 99.99% of germs are killed.

In addition to being safe, reliable and gentle, this sanitizer provides essential oil scents.  These scents were created by a collaboration of Australia's best Master Perfumers and Chemists.  A wonderful scented hand hygiene experience is now available for you.

Only the best, highest quality, consciously formulated ingredients are in Alindee products.

 "Health Safety is the Number One Priority"


  • Ethyl Alcohol Denat- Kills 99.9% of most common disease causing germs and is classified by the FDA as a Category I active ingredient, which means it's safe and effective when used as directed
  • Green Tea - Moisturizes the skin without giving it a greasy feel. Aloe Vera has Vitamins A,B,C,D and minerals Manganese, Zinc, Chromium. It also has antioxidant and antibacterial properties
  • Glycereth-26 - Glycereth-26 is a glyceryl ester and is a multitudinous oil, an awesome humectant and lubricant that offers a smooth, luxurious feel.
  • Fine Fragrance - Australia's master perfumers have worked with chemists to design scented experience for your hands.